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Just some food for thought here.

Your posts often contain useful information and insights--thanks for that--but you frame these helpful bits around insulting those who are "doing it wrong."

I understand that it's easiest to point out what's wrong and go from there. But it happens so regularly in your posts, and it's phrased often enough about judging the person who's doing it wrong, that it gets unpleasant to read.

I even watched a sample of one of your workshops, and one of the major rhetorical devices you used was "How many of you do X, Y, or Z? ...Looking at all your answers, I see most of you said Z. Well that's WRONG." I have to say, that's unnecessary to making your (often very good) points.

The constant use of this device reduces your impact and makes me and others I've spoken to question whether we would ever discuss our work with you if we met in person--even if we're not "doing it wrong." Certainly it causes us to question attending your Pillar Summit.

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