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So the result of unifying a community 'against' something or someone justifies the means? No matter how many anemic caveats (make an enemy but don't make it personal?) are posted in that article, it remains a simplistic approach to a complex issue and, as a proposed methodology - wickedly disappointing and primitive.


I don't think this is a good idea. Bringing people together by critiscising an "enemy"? We have too much of that out there already.

Encouraging negativity in your community is at best very short-sighted. At worst, it can create a precedent or encourage inflammatory postings. How would you even moderate that? I love your blog but this time I think you might be wrong.

Eric Suesz

I'm with Rich on this one. While it's best to focus primarily on uniting and not dividing, there's a place for enemies. Identifying the enemy doesn't have to be about attacking people, of course. It can be about attacking symbols, which I think is his point: Leverage the power of symbols to create compelling conversation. It beats boredom and inactivity.

Pete Austin @marketingxd

Good post! It works in politics. Instead of being good, you only have to be the better of two evils.

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