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David Stern, MD

This is very interesting. Companies can use social media to create communities or customer service channels. I assume that communities will allow customers to interact and help each other, but it may create a common place to criticize the company. Creating a customer service channel, however, will lose the camaraderie of interactivity of a community. Next questions are: 1) How to decide what is best for your company and 2) How to create a community vs. a customer service channel. In our industry, urgent care, we already have a robust community, so it may make sense to augment the community with our social media. Thoughts?

Tari Akpodiete

then there are companies which firmly believe that a community manager is first and foremost an arm of marketing. that's not to say that a community manager might not sometimes do some marketing, but i don't believe that should be a primary function. and i suspect that when it does so end up as such, there's a lack of trust and even some suspicion from the community in the community manager's role.

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