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Bess Obarotimi

Thanks Richard for this wonderful insight.


Amazing how a good vision idea will go nowhere if it is not properly flushed out and presented. Follow up vagueness with bad marketing and design, you are sunk!

Only Marketing Jobs

Richard, cheers for the insightful observations. I co-run the UK Marketing Network and it is useful to hear objective opinions on it. A couple of your points are valid.

However, before launching your diatribe you might have taken a moment to contact the owners of the network (that's Only Marketing Jobs, not UK Marketing Jobs as you indicate), where we could have negated some of your views.

You have no idea of the plans we have for the site, how it is run, how it integrates with external products etc.

Check out and see the success behind the UK Marketing Network.

Then watch this space...

Cheers, Simon Lewis

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