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This notion of a boundary is very clear to me, though it being clear and locating it with my own community of course are not the same. Do you have any posts that delve much deeper into this... not managing, not promoting, etc (these grow out of the clear concept). I like the clarity that the stronger the boundary, the smaller AND stronger the community / and the weaker the boundary the larger the community. These are big concepts, and clear - though the the action of locating the boundary seems incredibly subtle.
Ex: a community around just travel is very little boundary. travel to rivers brown with clay where you've had religious experiences is rather strong. Any relevant posts, articles, - or thoughts - on how to literally DESIGN the boundary (arriving at one the creator gives a shit about, can invest all this energy in, and has a good boundary for others)?
Comes down to Why make a community at all, and Because I want to is there - then, what matters most or what is most interesting - and define the boundary from there.

Any clarity you can provide?

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