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Paul Johnston

The list could NOT be infinitely longer. In fact, no list could literally be infinitely long. I suppose you mean it could be continued indefinitely :-)

Emmanuelle Ares

While 8 and 9 are mostly agreed from the start, 5 is not a problem,
1 is difficult to implement, 2 is the worst fear of my clients, with 3, 4 and 6, they think it might get out of control, 7 : what do they "community members" know about the company anyway? Our "real" clients give us better input!
10 should be the first goal of community management implementation.

I would add 11.Investment in online community managing does not translate in direct sales. It's about reputation, customer service and expertise. Take time to take the time.

Frugal Living

I think they should be comfortable with networking and building relationships with people that they have just met

Web Development India

hi, really these things got an ides for manage the team...!!!

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