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Thanks for your post, measuring 'just' reach is indeed one of my pet peeves and the need to measure engagement is much more critical in a social world. The only question I have whether pg views/visitor is the best proxy. Wouldn't e.g., time-on-site be an even better metric? (e.g., 15K views from 15K people who on avg spend 2min on your site is IMHO better than 15K views from 100 people who also spend 2min on your site).

I believe your proposed metric is a better indicator of loyalty or stickiness than engagement.


Great insight on page views. It also helps to know what your members' behavior is when they are visiting the website.


Great point. Often times, we get wrapped up in the big numbers and forget to really take a deep dive and see what is behind that big page view number, for example, how many unique visitors, conversions, etc can be attributed.


Nick Stamoulis

Good points. Visitors that visit and automatically "bounce" aren't worth much. It's good idea to compare the numbers like this to get an accurate depiction of your views.


Engagement is definitely the metric communities should be using to measure success. On Facebook, we have found that most brands and businesses optimize for "total # of fans (likes)" instead of the activity and quality of their community. We have built our product around this opportunity and would love your feedback:

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