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Hi Rich. While most of these are prima facie valuable tips, you may want to revise your introductory paragraph or point 4 because at the moment it's a little logically inconsistent.

Also, I doubt telling clients whose products/services aren't suitable for communities to "sell a product/service worth building a community around" is sound business advice...

Gihan Perera

This is a fantastic list - thanks.

Johannes: The point about having the right product or service is, IMHO, *extremely* good business advice! Sometimes the best advice is the advice NOT to do something (like using billboard marketing for promoting literacy courses to illiterate people :-). It could save a business a lot of time, money, effort and focus if they realised that building a community would be a waste of time.

(This is precisely the message of Seth Godin's excellent book "Meatball Sundae")


Hi Gihan - it's tempting to agree with you but when you have, say, a mobile phone manufacturer who is asking you to market or create buzz around a particular handset on which it has spent hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions in RND, advising that it develops a better product - even if you know it's terrible- is really not good practice.

Telling them that in your opinion an online community or other social channels are not right for marketing their product is perfectly professional.

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