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You hit the nail on the head! When we're looking for community managers our highest priorities are that they have a very level head and are passionate about the community. We don't care if they are niche experts, but we do require that they are able to handle situations with a positive demeanor.

Many aspects of community management can be taught, but passion... you either have it or you don't.

Kevin Richardson

Well put Richard. Each encounter either grows or deteriorates the relationship. Your example is spot on. I'd take your thought about organizing a community and say find someone who gets customer service and and has a servant leader mindset. There's your community manager.


That's really interesting, Rich. But wouldn't saying that you like somebody's post if you didn't (or, as most likely, if you were just indifferent to it) really be lying?


I completely agree as a community manager. There is a way to be personal and professional at the same time.

@Jay, you would pick something that you liked about what that person has contributed or had in common with them. There are ways to do it without lying.

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