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I agree. Communicating in a community with a specific topic builds interesting conversations. It's creating a bond to each other with a good relationships and friendship.


I agree Richard. When you develop trust in someone, you feel comfortable talking about all kinds of things.


For the first time in a long time I disagree with you. I run a social media and digital marketing community with a couple of thousand people receiving posts. The other day a regular contributor posted about the Governments new HR related policy on full employment rights not accruing for 18 months.

Its off topic and so I didn't allow it - going off topic boosts activity but I would rather run a focussed and quality discussion than a busy off topic one. Let these questions on and sooner or later someone starts posting about Justin bieber.

I run networking events for my members to meet - they can talk about what they want there.


Dave Lutz

Rich, I get your point on this, but I do think too many off topic conversations can also be viewed as spammy or irrelevant. Too much can impede folks from becoming regulars and cause folks to quit participating.

Depending on the community, I think it's a good idea to have some ground rules like 1) no politics or religion 2) if you post something off topic, give it an appropriate label.

Rosemary ONeill

I always like to designate a special area for off-topic conversation. That way it's available (I agree with Richard that it's important) but it doesn't interfere with the on-topic content.


I am have the same thoughts as Rosemary on this. We've got a couple of off-topic areas for our members. It really helps them bond and get to know each other. Any "off-topic" stuff that is posted elsewhere can get moved there if needed.

I feel if you find your members are frequently posting off-topic, chit-chat type stuff then providing them a space to do that really helps bond them as a community.

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