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Mike Vaz DragonSearch

This is great as long as your community isn't based of a brand or service that your website is supposed to be providing. If it's just community based off of a common interest, then yes all of this does apply but if you're attempting to build community for a brand, I think a finished website is essential for initial engagement with people.


Completely agree - thanks for posting this Rich! I learned this when launching our customer community. I was wearing my pixel-face nit-pick hat (leftover from my old MarCom days). The project manager finally had to say, in a nice way, 'Look lady - do you want to launch this thing or not?!'

And we launched with graphic imperfections, and the customers took to the platform right away, and life is good!

Tommy Sollén

And of course, if you do this right the first members can help shape the community, its design and its features.

I hope to pull this off myself very soon.

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