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Marco Unternährer

if you are interested in reputation patterns, head over to yahoo: http://yhoo.it/cwar9M


Hi Richard,
I agree that levels can be used to motivate community members. Randy Farmer's "Web Reputation Systems" has a great discussion of the various important choices. Read the section here: http://bit.ly/bNDylc

But beware of leaderboards for non-competitive communities. If done poorly (without expertise and continuous tweaking), the can be negative.
Yours, Marc in San Jose


There's lots of mechanics you can use - whatever's appropriate to your context or community. Yahoo's Design Patterns cover some of them, there are others here: http://www.bunchball.com/nitro/components/

Rajat Paharia
Founder, Chief Product Officer
Bunchball: http://www.bunchball.com

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