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Agreed. I found great success with the international development clients I wanted to reach by offering Krispie Kreame donuts and a guest speaker at my Technology Salon. The meetings got so high profile, it's now backed by the UN Foundation's Technology Partnership with the Vodaphone Foundation. See


It's certainly true that you have to give before you get. In an online community where you can't give free food and drinks, you still have to provide some offering of value.

In my opinion, providing professional content is one of the best ways businesses can offer value to their community. I say "professional" because it's not just user-generated content, but content provided by the brand. Find out what your customers are interested in and how those interests are relevant to your brand - much like the plumber example. Offer that valuable content to your community and you provide a strong incentive for your customers to show up, discuss, and establish strong long-term relationships with your brand.

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