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Peter Bekel

Wow, that is a simple and effective rule! Thx again for a valuable thought!

Stuart Foster

So simple...yet so right.

Great stuff.


Useful advice, but this way you'll limit your community.

Peter Nehrer

Isn't it more likely the case that the community picks you? :-) It's mutual, in any case.

Richard Millington

Mihai: I certainly hope everyone tries to limit the size of their community. Target the people you want, not the people who you happen to get.

Danny Brown

Hey there Rich,

Interesting take, though not sure if I agree completely. For example, you can't know who your brand's biggest fans are all the time from off the bat; sometimes they can grow from within when they've started out as doubters. So keeping doubters outside your community isn't going to change that.

By all means, encourage like minds, but don't have a closed one yourself.

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