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Michal Batistich

I think you're spot on.
After working on market research commuities for the past year I have come to the same conclusion. Customer communities should focus on the customer and their interests. Common sense right! It seems that, as they say, common sense isn't that common.

We have found that research communities that have been populated by online research panels and that have not been fed valuable content have performed poorly.

At the moment we're spending some time re-thinking our strategy with a focus on advocacy, purpose and creating real value in the product context. I think if we can serve value to the community first we might just get insights in return.

I'd ike to hear you views and opinions on research communities. Fail by definition or research nirvana?

James Cherkoff

My favourite example of a poorly conceived community feature was from Walmart. The world's largest retailer tried to launch a social networking site called The Hub. Only ten weeks after the big launch, the site was shut down after a poor reception. Why? Well one feature which required users to create a list of products they most wanted to buy from – you guessed it – Walmart, probably offers the best clue.

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