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Nice post with clear explanation about on how small businesses can have own community. Having worked with small businesses in the past, I would say that it's an excellent idea. However, is it necessary to have online community? What would a business get from it? To have own community where ppl track each other and talk about your products or services sound good but if that does not generate any revenues, it's no point. Most of the time I have noticed online methods cannot be applied to every small business. Few small businesses can work without having any web presence or any new tools, like, scanner or barcodes on products. These businesses are successful because they focus on core things and making tons of money.

I completely agree with you that everyone should have online presence and own community. It could be in any form: Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook group. The point is, are we trying hard for online methods where revenues may not come and forgetting standard methods to generate more sales?


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