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Dead on. I've been kicking around an idea like this - about the most valuable users being not the people who create great content but the people with the POTENTIAL to create it. Not just because their thoughts will be fresher but because they'll be grateful to you for providing the space and opportunity to unlock them.

Martin Reed

I agree with you. The majority of our members at Female Forum are people that have never joined a community before. It's still a very young community (less than 8 months old) but already these people are settling in and becoming extremely valuable members.

Many people make the mistake of targeting existing communities in order to poach their members. This can be one strategy, but it's probably the hardest one - the more communities people join, the less time and energy they have for each one (as you say).

Great post.

- Martin

aion kinah

This can be one strategy, but it's probably the hardest one

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