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Hi Rich, wow I'm impressed! Thanks so much for those clarifications. Sometimes its difficult to fully comprehend theories without practical examples. Excellent work! I will be sure to implement as much of your knowledge as I can.

Bryan Person

Nice list, Rich: Here is another potential item:

Include an off-topic forum. A welcoming catch-all place where members can come and discuss topics that don't necessarily fit any of the other forums.

* On the Monster Career Advice Boards that I used to manage in a previous professional life, this is "The Break Room" -
* On the High Rankings forums, where members discuss best practices in SEO, there's a board called "The Pub" -
* On the boards, there's a forum call, appropriately enough, "Off-Topic Discussion" - It's billed as "the place to get to know your fellow forum members outside of the gaming world."

One important note: this *doesn't* mean that off-topic forums are a place for shenanigans. The "rules of the road" or publicly stated community guidelines still very much apply there. Good behavior is still expected!

Hope this helps.

Bryan | @BryanPerson


Nice weather guys ? :)

I am mac air user and I was thinking about downloading Youtube.
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