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James Currie

You've got some great ideas here. Thanks for such a great post.

I'm curious about ways to keep track of top recruiters. Especially if you don't have advanced technology to capture that kind of data. Is there a more grassroots method of finding out who's recruiting?

Richard Millington

You know, without access to that technology, I'd say don't over think it.

Offer a good prize, and ask members to report the people they've recruited each month. They might lie, but you can usually check with the members anyway. Or randomly ask the members they list.

I prefer to hope that most people are good.


The referral thing is very easy to do. (Of course only if you are talking about online communities)

Set up invitation mails that can be sent by recruiters to their friends.
Include the ID of the recruiter in the URL of the invite link. Voila !!! You can track referrals now..

(If you are still not clear, contact me)


By the way awesome article Richard !!!

Mark Waterfield

Thank you. A great post. I now know where to concentrate my time.

This is where I am going to start and get it right. If the basics are not all there then the rest of it is not likely to work.

The basics do not sound much fun but more often than not if the fundamentals are not there then nothing else works. Thanks


Some very good ideas here. Thanks for the tips.

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