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I think the campaign only has impact for people who think this behaviour is shocking. For hardcore drinkers, vomiting and falling over are often bragged about and even seen as a measure of a successful night!

Your point about it not going viral is a valid one. Ironically, you could argue that people most likely to circulate these clips will be those who identify with the behaviour in a positive way.

Chris Clarke

Regarding whether or not people will pass these around, I think that they're too shocking for most friends of mine, and not shocking at all for others. I personally found the fashion show one to be disgusting, so much so that I wouldn't pass it along to anyone at all.

Richard Millington

What is really interesting these days is how people on YouTube can, and will, comment on adverts. All adverts are now subject to judges nowhere near as nice as Facebook groups and not motivated to give opinions based upon financial incentives.

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